Compete with regional college students to create a app, website, or etc in front of a panel of judges and sponsors. Also, show off your skills in fornt of recruiters.

The official annual hackathon by Duckhacks, powered by the Stevens Software Engineering Department! Come compete at our hackathon at Babbio Center at Stevens Institute of Technology. The event will run from Saturday, February 16th into Sunday, February 17th. This year's 24-hour hackathon is designed to really test your skills of creativity, execution, and endurance in front of mentors and perhaps some recruiters. The event is free to all attendees.

Sponsors, prizes, and schedule will be announced shortly.

The event is open to all college students. (Both Stevens and non-Stevens Students) (Graduate and Undergraduate Students) Valid College/ University ID's must be shown


Any questions? Email us at

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  • Participants must be over the age of 18 in order to compete
  • Participants must be currently attending a college/ university (Valid Student ID must be presented)
  • Countries: United States


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James Rowland
Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology

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Susana Restrepo
Goldman Sachs

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John Mottole

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Matthew Weiss
Gaurdian Life Insurance

Judging Criteria

  • TBD